• Bells&Springs will be in Pilates Festival Prague 2012

    As you know we are delighted to participate this year in the Pilates Festival that will be take place in Prague. Fans and professionals all around the world will share their experiences and knowledge for 2 days in this amazing spot.

     As you can read in the dossier “passionate teachers will deliver the soul of Joseph Pilates' work to the heart of Europe to help us all return to our roots and be creative at the same time. With many decades of teaching experience, these guides will help you explore the method of Pilates.”

    Bells& Springs will be there with some of our teachers learning and giving tips about the way we work. Those that are interested in our Studio and our machines can contact us. It is time to experience and enjoy.

     The environment and the workshops scheduled are a good opportunity to enrich our knowledge and meet people with stories and techniques to develop when we are back in town.

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