As part of the business object of the company, Bells & Springs decided to start by creating a Pilates studio, with an innovative concept in the market but with limited services, taking into account the size of the space. During the first year of operation (2011), it reached the intended capacity and began to consider additional business with training and the creation of Pilates apparatus, since they are not created neither in Portugal nor in Europe.

Already in 2012 the company began the Bells & Springs certification training through DGERT, as well as the development project and creation of instruments and accessories for the practice of Pilates.

  • We create the tools that we want for us, with patience, care and dedication.
  • We develop products considered innovative in the world (including cork finishes in the total replacement of wood).
  • We manage resources efficiently, allowing a low cost structure.
  • We use innovative and creative methods.
  • We use the modalities to help all kinds of bodies to overcome their challenges.
  • We do not want to create "competitive athletes" in Pilates, kettlebell or other art but happy and healthy bodies.