• Cadillac

    Bells & Springs Equipment

  • The height adjustment of the push trough bar  allows a greater versatility in the use of this component allowing more freedom of use in the dynamic of the exercise, inside and outside the Cadillac.

    The cork coating ensures a comfort touch unmatched both in hot weather as in cold, ensuring all conditions of hygiene and maintenance.

    . Stainless Steel frame (mm)
      2200 (length) x 660 (width) x 550 (hight) 

    Galvanized steel pipes total dimensions (mm)
      2285 (length) x 600 (width) x 1700 (hight)  (adjustable on demand)

    . roll back 
    . push through
    . leg springs 
    . arm springs 
    . spread eagle bar
    . Trapeze 
    . 2 pompons
    . feet strap 
    . strap

    Note: Cadillac total hight (mm 2250)


  • €4,545.00

  • Cadillac
  • Cadillac

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