• Mattwall

    Bells & Springs Equipment

  • Aimed to professionals, the height of the structure, the same as the reformer, ensures greater comfort to the instructor ensuring easy movement around the unit. There is more space now between the structure and the wall so that  all the exercises from the push trough can be done without limitations. The fact that it is hollow underneath guarantees lightness,  not neglecting the resistance, and allows easier cleaning .

    The cork coating ensures a comfort touch unmatched both in hot weather as in cold, ensuring all conditions of hygiene and maintenance.

    . Stainless Steel frame (mm)
      2200 (length) x 660 (width) x 350 (hight)

    . galvanized steel wall unit pipes
    . roll back 
    . push through 
    . arm springs
    . metal handles
    . leg springs
    . feet strap
    . lateral hand bars
    . mat extensors
    . 2x4 board 
    . safety strap


    Note: Mattwall total hight (mm) 2035

  • €1,700.00

  • Mattwall
  • Mattwall
  • Mattwall
  • Mattwall

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